My name is Emily and I’m currently a college junior. Although I live amongst a wonderful group of SF lovers, I am the only one who reads with any regularity. Thus, I started a blog so that I could share my thoughts with the internet. I love most any type of fantasy, sci-fi that doesn’t have too many technical terms, young adult books, and I’ve even started dipping my toes into a couple of romance novels. I’ll read anything that has a good story and excellent characters, and I always want to fall in love with whatever it is I’m reading at any given moment. Other than reading, I spend my days trying not to fail at college, singing, knitting, and lurking on the internet.

My posts about books aren’t so much “reviews” as they are “ramblings.” They are very much my own thoughts, and I make no claims to objectivity whatsoever. That being said, I hope people enjoy my take on the various books I read and where I’m coming from when I talk about them. Also, my posts more often than not include SPOILERS.

If contact is desired for any reason, my email is eargoldman [at] gmail [dot] com.


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