Double Blogging – All the Cool Kids Do It

A couple of months ago when I started my other blog, I did so with the intention of posting my musings on ace matters and my thoughts on the various books I read. However, I soon realized it looked a bit silly to have posts on two very different topics on the same blog. Also, after a while, I realized that writing about asexuality was becoming easier and more fun whereas writing books had become difficult and more like a chore. And the reason is because, even though I was trying to keep things nice and relaxed so I wouldn’t unleash any unrealistic perfectionist tendencies, I was trying to write them like reviews. I’m not good at that. Or at least, not in a formal way. I was actually starting to get stressed when I thought about writing book posts, and that is exactly the opposite of what I wanted to have happen.

So, long story short, I’ve created a second blog, dedicated solely to the books I read. The first one will now be the sole province of all things ace. To make books posts more fun (for me) and actually reflect how I read and understand the books I read, I’m going to stop writing up my own synopses (those were always the worst) and instead fall back on using official synopses. And I’m going to be a bit less of a taskmaster when it comes to making everything all nice and pretty.

Again, these posts are not meant to be reviews as much as they’re supposed to be snapshots of the thoughts I have on a particular book. And so… away we go!


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